Monday, August 23, 2010

Pictures from Niger

My home at training

My host family's house

The girls watching SATC

PC Volunteers listening to instructors on Tree Planting Day

Our plan for the day.

A random camel in the marketplace.

My birthday dinner in the capital of Niamey.

Beer. A very special treat.

My new necklace from Casey

Making bush mashed potatoes

My concession


  1. Hi Stephanie! I've been following your blog weekly - Love the pictures...great to "see" where you are and what is around you! Is this the average number of people you are with on a regular basis? Love the Camel and donkey (Lucy?)!

    You look happy...hope all is well!

  2. Thanks Mary! I am usually with most of the people in the pictures but in groups of four or so. Glad you like the donkey and camel. My roomie named the donkey Sally. :)

  3. It is really hard to mix photos and words, it's the most annoying part of blogging in my opinion!