Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Final Days In America

I have made it safely to Philadelphia and somehow managed to get all 80lbs to the hotel. Now it's strewn about in hopes of being repacked in a more efficient way. My hopes aren't too high of achieving that goal.

Before I leave I wanted everyone to know that if you want to send a letter or something small but you don't want to pay a ton of money to get it to me you can send it to my dad's house and he will throw it in my monthly package that my step mom is hopefully sending. The address is:

5113 E Kings Ave

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers. I leave tomorrow for Niger and will arrive Thursday evening. In the meantime I'll be eating all the American food I can get my hands on!


  1. Hey Stephanie, its Steve. Guess who else is in Philly enjoying the 100 degree heat? Too bad we leave today or I would talk my wife into heading into the city to see you. Thanks for the shout out, and we sure will miss you. Good luck and travel safe. Good thing we didn't bet Niger was in the World Cup... :) Go get a Philly cheesesteak, some soft pretzels, and some Tastykakes.

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  3. I commented before I saw the last post about your family making you breakfast burritos before you left! So, I'm seconding Steve's recommendation: get a cheesesteak, seriously... if for no other reason than to inspire my crazy food jealousy.

  4. ..."sometime around midnight"

    Song just came on, thought of you...safe travels!

  5. We received the following email from the Peace Corps office:

    All 33 new Peace Corps Volunteer trainees arrived safe and soundly in Niamey, Niger, yesterday afternoon, after their two flights from Philadelphia. Peace Corps Niger training staff met them at the airport and transported them to our wonderful training site in Hamdallaye, about 30 minutes north of the capitol. The logistics flowed smoothly, the trainees are well, and we look forward to preparing them for their Peace Corps service in Niger. You'll find your loved one in the attached photograph, just taken.