Monday, July 26, 2010

i am here

hey everyone. sorry this is going to be horribly typed. i am in a computer lab on a french keyboard that looks 100 years old

i made it safely and thus far love everything my host dad is a farmer so i live in a round hut on a farm we have goats donkeys and these chickens that wake me up at five every morning i eat millet and sauce or rice and sauce every lunch and dinner my host family is great but i am still trying to figure out the number of wives my dad has i sleep outside my hut that my roommate and i share my language classes are at my house in the yard and our baby donkey always eats my teachers papers i named her sally i will post pictures later

the people are amazing and so patient the kids think i am the most interesting thing ever and carry your stuff everywhere and they are so adorable i have so much more to tell but my time is running up

i miss you all and please write letters

hope to update more soon

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  1. Ha, now you know what its like to be a terrible typer. I'm glad you are having a nice time adjusting. Be safe on your runs.